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Air-Cooled Solar Panels

Our Air-Cooled Solar panels have been developed to maximize energy production. As the temperature rises beyond a certain point the maximum energy output decreases. To keep it at an optimized level these panels utilize air-cooled heat sinks.


This Air-Cooled Solar Technology boosts the efficiency of the solar panels by blocking sun heat and instantly cooling down cells. The advanced air-cooled panels last 5-10 years longer than ordinary solar panels boost energy production up to 20%. This is why these panels come with a full 30 years of warranty.


Anti-Soiling Solar Panels
Soiling is a major issue for solar energy production in certain regions. In most of the arid regions, dirt deposition and dust accumulation over the panels decrease the energy production efficiency. Our Anti-Soiling Solar Technology helps to


maximize performance by minimizing dust adhesion and keeping the surface clean. The anti-soiling feature maximizes energy production and produced up to 20% percent more. As zero maintenance is required, this saves the annual cleaning cost of the solar panels and you end up saving around $20,000 over the system’s life. Our experts analyze the soiling rate and provide up to 30 years of production warranty.


Heat Management

Ordinary solar panels are not capable of converting all the light to energy and waste most of it by converting it to heat inside the solar cells. It raises its temperature and negatively affects its energy production capability. Therefore, the negative heat retained


in by the solar panels needs to be managed to keep the production at an optimum level. By removing the damaging heat, not only the energy production turn up to 20% more rather in it increases the panel life up to 5-10 years. Our Solar Heat Management Technology coverts the extra heat to hot water or air, reducing 80% of the heating cost, and is ideal to reduce the solar cell temperature to a minimum.


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You might ask yourself,
  • Why should I even switch to solar power?
  • What is the best solar power solution for my home or business?
  • Should I invest in a solar energy storage system?
  • Will I be able to fulfill the costs of a commercial solar power solution?
  • Is the conversion to solar power worth the cost?

We realize that switching to solar power can be perplexing, considering that there is a sea of varying products in the marketplace. You could end up investing in a solar power solution which would have cost you a lot of money, yet it doesn’t perform as advertised. Our experienced sales representatives are here to help you.

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Our innovative and cutting-edge solar power solutions are prepared to cater to your requirements. Follow the three-step process and scale up your saving with our cost-effective solutions and affordable financing options.

Advanced Patented

25% increase in net energy production Retains 92% power efficiency after one year Less than 1% of Light-Induced Degradation

Smart Financing

26% tax relief, on all purchases before 2021 $0 down payment with 100% financing Cut your overall power costs with one smart investment

End-To-End Service
and Support

25 year limited warranty 24/7 system monitoring Bundle roofing and storage systems with our cost-effective commercial packages

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The Government Is Offering Financing Programs

For consumer and commercial solar power solutions, with lowered tax rates and incentives, in the wake of global warming. Banks offer conventional credit options and mortgages to the public and private sectors. 


Our Services


Our solar modules generate 25% more power than our competitors, which leads to fewer panels on your roof and bigger savings.

24/7 Monitoring

ABC is one of the few solar solutions companies that offers a dedicated 24/7 monitoring service for your modules after the installation.


The team of system engineers will evaluate the location prudently during our on-site visit to advise which model will best suit the needs.

Batteries and Power Storage Systems

Our power-efficient, high output solar modules can be opted for, with our premium energy storage and backup batteries.


ABC’s proprietary EV Charger provides unlimited, low-cost energy for your electric vehicle. Our team of experts will help you pick.

Professional Sales and Services

Our experts are equipped with the knowledge to help you in deciding the best solar power solution for your home and business.


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