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Solar Installation Service
We enable you to control your Electricity Cost
Power expenses for home usage have been increasing in the US. Are you also worried about how to manage rising energy bills? Don’t worry! We are here to help you get cheap and smooth electricity for your home. We are providing the best solar installation service in the US to let people free from increasing energy costs that disturb their monthly budgets.


Go solar with First Solar Installers today and control your energy expenses according to your usage. We offer cutting-edge domestic solar installation services in the United States with the lowest prices and the best quality.


Solar Installation Service
We let you make savings & earn Huge ROI

Can you believe that now you can earn huge ROI with your home energy source? Yes! Your independent solar system for home lets you earn a great return on investment against each extra unit that you produce and send to the grid. This will help strengthen your financial status and improve your lifestyle. When you go solar by choosing the best US local solar panel installation company


First Solar Installers, you easily get rid of the high energy bill that is rising day by day. All your financial worries are gone when you switch to solar renewable energy and start earning huge ROI every month.


Solar Installation Service
Get 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit & save more

The US government wants its people to play their role in saving the environment from harmful carbon emissions. To fulfill this goal, the government is encouraging more people to go solar by offering federal tax rebates and incentives for every home with a solar system.

Do you also want to avail yourself of this amazing offer?


First Solar Installers is here to guide you every step of the way for getting your 26% federal tax credit and solar rebates. Our proactive customer support representatives are there 24/7 to answer your queries and concerns.


The most trusted Solar Installation Company in the United States

First Solar Installers offers flexible financing and an easy solar installation process for residential solar systems

Solar Installation Service

Go Solar today
with $0 Down Payment

Solar Installation Service

Get entitled to
26% Federal Tax Credit

Solar Installation Service

92% Power Efficiency
with 25+ years of serviceability

Solar Installation Service

Apply and qualify for Solar Incentives
in just 5 minutes

Easy Domestic Solar Installation Process with an Unbeatable Price from First Solar Installers

Are you confused about whether to go solar or not? Do you consider domestic solar installation a complicated procedure? First Solar Installer provides an extremely easy and convenient process to install your desired solar system for home. Here’s our easy 5 step procedure to enable you to start producing your independent energy.

  • Consult our Solar Experts to learn about the best solar energy system for home. Click here
  • Set your appointment or request our solar experts’ visit to your location. Learn here why the visit is important for you.
  • Choose a solar pricing plan that fits your budget. Learn more here
  • Decide on a customized solar design according to your power needs.
  • It’s time for you to sit and relax while solar technicians will install your solar energy system.

We understand that switching to solar power can be confusing due to the presence of varying products in the marketplace. To save you from spending a lot of money and wasting time and energy, our experienced sales representatives are here to guide you on the complete solar system installation process.

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Why do we stand out in the US Solar Panel Installation Companies?

Our innovative and cutting-edge solar panel systems for homes are prepared to cater to your requirements. Scale up your monthly saving with our cost-effective energy solutions and affordable financing options.

Advanced Patented

Lowering down your monthly electricity costs
25% increase in net energy production
Improved power efficiency with 92% retention

Smart Financing

$0 down to Go Solar today
Customized Solar Pricing according to your budget
Getting entitled to 26% federal solar tax credit

End-To-End Service
and Support

25+ years serviceability of solar panels for home
24/7 monitoring system
Guide and support before and after installing your solar energy solution

Talk to our sales associate to find out what option might be right for you.
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The Government Is Offering Financing Programs

For consumer and commercial solar power solutions, with lowered tax rates and incentives, in the wake of global warming. Banks offer conventional credit options and mortgages to the public and private sectors. 


Our Services


First Solar Installer is the best US solar installation company that offers highly cost-effective and economic power solutions for your home.


24/7 Monitoring

A dedicated 24/7 monitoring service for your residential solar panel system is always there after installation to best utilize and control energy production.

On-Site Consultation & Solar Design Selection

Our solar experts and technicians pay a visit to your location for helping you decide on a customized solar design for your roof. They also help you choose from our solar plans and packages according to your budget.

Solar Inverters and Power Backup Solutions

We offer solar inverters and batteries according to your solar design. These inverters help convert most of the sunlight into usable residential electricity and power backup solutions help you store solar energy to be used when sunlight isn’t available.

25+ Years
Solar Panel Warranty

We offer solar panels with 25+ years of serviceability. You get ultimate peace of mind with your independent energy source that offers significant monthly savings for years to come.

Professional Sales and Services

Our customer support representatives and solar experts are highly professional and fully trained to serve you 24/7 with proactive, spontaneous, and prompt responses to your concerns.