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Solar Installer Service for home

New Solar Installation Service for Home

Rising electricity costs in the US are constantly disturbing everyone’s life. But you don’t need to worry anymore since the most workable and cost-friendly solution is here for you. First Solar Installers presents an advanced new solar installation service for home usage. We offer different customized solar designs to fit your budget and power needs. You can resolve your problem of high energy bill simply by switching to solar renewable electricity.


No matter if you are new to solar technology, we are here to guide you every step of the way for installing and activating your required solar system at your home. Our solar experts and technicians are there to guide you on how to choose the best solar system for home. After consultation and appointment, our teams can pay a visit to your location for the final selection of your desired solar design according to your budget and power needs. Once you’ve made the decision, our teams will install and activate your home solar panel system to let you start saving and earning huge ROI.


Cost-Effective Solar Solutions for Home Usage

A surge in utility bills across the United is nerve-wreaking. If you want to cut down your power expenses, going solar is the best and most effective solution. Conventional power systems like your main electric supply do provide power but the cost of this electricity is high enough. Our solar power solutions are here to help you out the gap between energy consumption and the cost that implies afterward.


Prices for home solar solutions have been constantly declining in the United States. But the low rates don’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on the efficiency of the power supply. Photovoltaic Cells or PV cells used in modern solar panels are powerful enough to fulfill all your energy requirements easily. The performance of our solar panels is powerful and relatively higher because they are built with the purest crystalline silicon available. You get such an advance and efficient power source at the lowest rates in the market from us.

Our solar modules generate 25% more power than usual, which leads to fewer panels on your roof and bigger savings. Our solar panels come with 25+ years of serviceability to help you get rid of increasing monthly electricity costs. You not only save on monthly power bills but you also get various solar rebates along with a 26% federal solar tax credit.


Cost-Effective Solar Solutions for Home
Solar System Maintenance & Repair Service

24/7 Monitoring Services

We have one of the few solar solution companies that offers a dedicated 24/7 monitoring service for your modules after the installation is done, so you can rest assured you won’t be left stranded without power. We monitor all of our installed solar power systems, down to each module to ensure smooth operation and efficient power delivery. This monitoring helps us in generating critical analytics data on the amount of energy your solar power system is generating, diagnosing problems remotely, and letting you know in case a service needs to be done. So that in case of any trouble, we will be there to help you.

Solar System Maintenance & Repair Service

Although, it’s quite unusual and rare that there appears any issue in the functioning of your solar system at home. Even if you feel the need for maintenance, it’s quite easy for you to do it yourself by learning the solar system self-cleaning method from our experts. First Solar Installer is offering the best solar installation service for home in the USA. We are specialized in providing you with the most effective solution for your concerns about the recent electricity prices hike. When you go solar with us, you have an extra benefit that you don’t need to worry about solar panel maintenance and repair. You’ll get solar panels for home that come with longstanding serviceability of more than 25 years. These panels won’t demand you to consume huge amounts of money on maintenance and repair. If you find that your renewable energy source is requiring maintenance or repair, you can get it done easily by contacting us. We have highly professional and experienced teams of customer support representatives and solar experts that remain always ready to respond. Learn more about our solar system maintenance and repair service here.    
Solar System Maintenance & Repair Service

Why do we stand out in the US Solar Panel Installation Companies?

Our innovative and cutting-edge solar panel systems for homes are prepared to cater to your requirements. Scale up your monthly saving with our cost-effective energy solutions and affordable financing options.

Advanced Patented

Lowering down your monthly electricity costs
25% increase in net energy production
Improved power efficiency with 92% retention

Smart Financing

$0 down to Go Solar today
Customized Solar Pricing according to your budget
Getting entitled to 26% federal solar tax credit

End-To-End Service
and Support

25+ years serviceability of solar panels for home
24/7 monitoring system
Guide and support before and after installing your solar energy solution

Do you want to earn a 26% Federal Tax Solar Incentive?

First Solar Installer can help you get rid of rising energy bills and start saving every month. You can easily benefit from 26% federal tax credit and other solar rebates if you choose to go solar today. By installing our efficient solar panel system, you’ll start producing clean and green energy that helps you cut down your monthly power expenses. Talk to our solar experts to learn how you can get solar tax incentives and earn huge ROI from solar energy systems for home.
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