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Cost-Effective Solutions

A surge in utility bills and still the stress of when the next power-cut is going to come knocking on the door is nerve-wreaking. Conventional power systems like your main electric supply, generators, or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are all prone to power cuts and serviceability issues. They do provide power but the cost to performance ratio here is not high enough. Our solar power solutions are here to help you even out the gap between energy consumption and cost that implies afterward.

We provide a full spectrum of solar power and energy storage solutions with additional services like 24/7 monitoring if your solar power system is functioning well, an EV charger option for your electric vehicle, if you own one, and user-friendly financing options so there is no burden to bear.


We prioritize staying at the vanguard of technology, knowledge, and skill, with a dedicated customer service team to best serve our customers, all under one roof. 

Our power systems feature the most efficient solar panels with the purest crystalline silicon content possible. At the core of every system is our patented solar cell unit, premeditated with a pure copper foundation, enabling our systems to stand the test of time, even in the harshest conditions. Our solar modules generate 25% more power than our competitors, which leads to fewer panels on your roof and bigger savings for in the greater scheme of things. Our durable frame design and the panel’s high-temperature co-efficient and its resilience against LID enable it to last through decades of productivity. If anything goes wrong, our 25-year limited warranty is there to cover you.


Professional Sales and Service Representatives

Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and spirit to help you in deciding the best solar power solution for your home and business. We’re not here to sell off our panels to make a profit. We strive in the industry towards lowering carbon emissions and healing the ozone layer that has been protecting us from harmful radiation for millions of years. We feel pride in manufacturing a 100% clean and pollution-free energy source for the public and private sector. Our team of expert sales representatives is trained with in-depth knowledge of all the technicalities and will help you make the switch. After you make the switch, a team of location analysts will be sent to your address. Our engineers will then customize and implement as required.


After the installation, we will even walk you through every step of the process. The engineering team that designed your custom solar module will be present on-site to supervise the entire project and answer any queries that you may have, to ensure a smooth-running system for the years to come.


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24/7 Monitoring Services

We have one of the few solar solution companies that offers a dedicated 24/7 monitoring service for your modules after the installation is done, so you can rest assured you won’t be left stranded without power. We monitor all of our installed solar power systems, down to each module to ensure smooth operation and efficient power delivery. This monitoring helps us in generating critical analytics data on the amount of energy your solar power system is generating, diagnosing problems remotely, and letting you know in case a service needs to be done. So that in case of any trouble, we will be there to help you.

On-Site Consultation

One team of system engineers will evaluate the location prudently during our on-site visit to your address so that we can calculate the module’s size, its quantity, and as to which model will best suit the needs of your home or business. On-site consultation is done afterward to meet your specific requirements. This enables us to manufacture and install customized solar modules of the proper scale. We are capable of manufacturing any size of the solar module on whatever type of roof irrespective of dimensions, placement space, or design. Our department of licensed contractors has been catering to the needs of both home and commercial consumers for over a decade.

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Batteries and Power Storage Systems

Our power-efficient, high output solar modules can be opted for, with our premium energy storage and backup batteries, which provide exceptional value for money and persistent performance. Our state of the art Energy Storage system gives you full control over your energy usage in both your home and office. The integrated PV inverter is purpose-made for 100% compatibility with our solar modules. Our efficient Energy Storage will ensure that you have power for use during prime hours where utility companies charge more. It provides a smooth flow of electricity from charged batteries even at night when solar panels are not producing any energy.

You will never have to think again or worry about when the next blackout is going to happen.


We uses purpose-built batteries with a special chemical composition of lithium, iron, and phosphate which are safer compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries available in the market. One solar module and one proprietary battery can provide uncut power for your whole house for 5-6 days. The blackouts will no longer be a hindrance to your productivity.


EV Charger

If you own an electric car, you’re in luck, because now you will never have to stop at the charging station again. Our proprietary EV Charger provides unlimited, low-cost energy for your electric vehicle. Our team of experts will help you pick the right type of charger that is best compatible with the solar module you have. We even offer installation services for our EV Chargers. This will enable you to claim your tax credit on your EV Charger and solar power system.

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Financing Options

Get commercial solar power solutions tailor-made specially to cater to your business needs. We work with both small and large business whatsoever. Most business owners don’t realize how much cost-effective it would be to switch to solar power solutions. We are here to change that for you. Feel free to reach out to us for a 100% free consultation with our experts to discuss the cost of your custom-made commercial solar power solution. We have been working with literally every industry sector for the past decade; agricultural, education, oil and gas, hotel, restaurants, and home consumers. Contact us today for your free quote.

Embellish Your Home or Business with an Unbeatable Price to Performance Ratio Solar Power Solution

Our innovative and cutting-edge solar power solutions are prepared to cater to your requirements. Follow the three-step process and scale up your saving with our cost-effective solutions and affordable financing options.

Advanced Patented Technology

25% increase in net energy production Retains
92% power efficiency after one year
Less than 1% of Light-Induced Degradation

Smart Financing

26% tax relief, on all purchases before 2021
$0 down payment with 100% financing
Cut your overall power costs with one smart investment

End-To-End Service and Support

25 year limited warranty
24/7 system monitoring
Bundle roofing and storage systems with our cost-effective commercial packages

The Government Is Offering Financing Programs

The Government is offering financing programs for consumer and commercial solar power solutions, with lowered tax rates and incentives, in the wake of global warming. Banks offer conventional credit options and mortgages to the public and private sectors.

Talk to our sales associate to find out what option might be right for you.

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