Q: How can we use solar energy solutions at home?

The home roofs and backyards where sunlight is available through most of the day time can be used to install solar panels to produce Home solar power. Sunlight is a source of energy free of cost. The solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy through the PV (Photovoltaic) effect. 

Q: How do I convert my house to solar power?

  • Find out the power usage and energy efficiency of your home
  • Calculate the sunlight potential in your home area
  • Calculate how much energy you would produce in given solar potential
  • Assess your solar energy needs by looking at your electricity bills
  • Contact the solar companies for your site assessment and get bids on your conversion
  • Look for flexible and cost-effective financing for solar power solutions for home 
  • Get the solar panels installed by experts of home solar power projects

Q: What are commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels are a variety of different PV (photovoltaic) solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. PV solar panels are made with silicon solar cells constructed with positive and negative layers that create the energy field. Commercial solar panels utilize abundant solar power and produce enough eco-friendly energy for large corporations. 

Q: How much do commercial solar panels cost?

Commercial solar panel cost is largely dependent on the quality of photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. In the US for 1000KW commercial solar solutions, you will pay about $1,000,000. However, the prices vary from company to company. The installation of commercial solar panels comes with the extra expenses of taxes, batteries for storage, inverter, and maintenance costs. 

Q: Can a solar system reduce my electricity bill?

Yes! Apart from being eco-friendly, solar energy will be extremely cost-effective and reduce your electricity bills to a great extent. Installations of solar panels will be a one-time payment that comes with huge money-saving benefits. That is attracting more people to switch to solar power solutions.  

Q: How does solar storage work?

The batteries are installed along with the solar energy storage system. You cannot use all the energy your solar panels are producing. These batteries store that energy in case the sun is not shining and your solar panels are unable to produce power. You have to make sure to ask your installer for the backup conversion circuits. 


Q: How long can solar energy be stored?

It depends on the quality of the storage batteries; however, the normal lifespan of a solar battery is 5-10 years. To stay put with the 25-30 years lifespan of your sun solar solutions you will need to change the battery at home solar solutions

Q: Which solar panel is best?

There are countless solar panel solutions types available in the market, but among all the monocrystalline proved to be the best solar panel solutions for home, containing smart technology it works highly efficient and produces more power. With the polycrystalline panels, your energy production is 15-18% yet monocrystalline produce 20-25% more energy. 


Q: How does the solar installation process work?

1st step: An engineer will visit the site to determine your electrical status and to ensure the compatibility of the solar system with your home. 


2nd step: You will have to get the permit and get done with the paperwork. Your solar power solutions installer will do most of the paperwork because they know the rules and restrictions of the area. They will help you figure out the best solar solutions for home and the kind of permit you would need as per your unique situation. 


3rd step: Order the equipment, e.g. solar batteries, inverters, etc. and schedule for the installation.


4th step: Solar panels installation for your home solar power.


5th and final step: After you get the solar panels installed, before switching them on, a state representative from your area will come to inspect the electrical wiring. If everything is done in proper order you will get the permit.

Q: What is a solar photovoltaic system?

A PV (photovoltaic) system is designed to supply solar power usable for residential solar solutions and commercial users. The photovoltaic functions to absorb and convert sunlight into useable energy. PV residential solar power solutions are made with the silicon solar cells constructed with a positive and negative later that creates the energy field.


Q: What is the most efficient solar panel type?

Among best commercial solar panels, monocrystalline have maximum productivity and power capacity. The solar panels laced with the monocrystalline technology produces up to 25% more energy for than normal solar panels and are most efficient commercial solar panels.

Q: How do I choose a solar company?

There are plenty of companies offering solar solutions for your home and business, but, people always search for “Solar solutions near me”. Pick the company offering a highly efficient solar panel system that is cost-effective and has flexible financing options. You should look for the company offering a longer warranty compared to others. 

Q: How long does it take to install solar panels?

Commercial solar panel installation companies take 1-3 days for home solar panel installation. It depends on the number of panels and how complicated your installation site is. However, the installation by commercial solar panel companies will take from a week to a couple of months because the installer will need to trench the land and run the wiring from site to your building which can take a long time.